Our Chef's Specials     Hot & Spicy               Price
Beef w. Scallops                     $12.95
Four Seasons                     $12.95
Seafood Lover Delight                     $13.95
Sizzling Three Delicacies                     $12.95
Asparagus Triple Delight                     $13.95
China Penn's Mixed Grill Trio                     $14.95
Peking Duck           Half $16.95         Whole $32.95
Shrimp w. Walnut                     $12.95
Jumbo Shrimp in Ginger & Scallion Sauce                     $12.95
Dragon & Phoenix                     $12.95

Hot & Spicy dishes can be altered to the spice according to your taste.


All Dishes Are Served With White Rice.


Brown Rice is an addtional $1.00.


Menu Prices Vary by Region

*Availability Subject to Change Without Notice

Dish Overview

Beef With Scallops

Fresh scallops and sliced beef with assorted vegetables in a chef's special sauce.


Four Seasons

Four decalories: shrimp, scallops, chicken, and pork sauteed with vegetables.


House Special Shrimp

Fresh jumbo shrimp and chunks of tomato with spicy sophisticated wine sauce and broccoli on the side.  A Chinese dish with chef's delicious sauce.


Rainbow Trio

Sliced chicken, scallops, shrimp, sauteed w. broccoli, red bell peppers, and snow peas in a white sauce.


Paradise Chicken

Big chunks of white meat chicken sauteed with green peppers and dried mushrooms in a special hot & spicy sauce.


Red Rose Scallops

Fresh scallops sauteed with Chinese vegetables in a hot & spicy red oil with chef's special sauce.


Royal Chicken

Originally served to royal families now brought to you.  Sliced chicken sauteed with black mushrooms, snow peas, and water chestnuts with chef's sweet wine sauce.


Chicken & Shrimp Hunan Style

Diced chicken and baby shrimp sauteed in hot sauce Hunan style.


Silver Chicken

Big chunks of white meat chicken with snow peas in a sweet & hot brown sauce covered by silver noodles.


Seafood Lover Delights

Lobster, shrimp, and scallops sauteed with Chinese vegetables in chef's special white sauce.


Double Strips in Garlic Sauce

Strips of white meat chicken and flank steak with celery and green and red bell peppers in hot garlic sauce.


Sizzling Three Delicacies

Shrimp, beef, and chicken sauteed with broccoli, onion, and cabbage served with brown sauce.


Chef's Seafood Platter

Fresh scallops and jumbo shrimp with snow peas, water chestnuts, straw mushrooms, and red bell peppers in hot brown sauce.


Asparagus Triple Delight

Shrimp, chicken, and beef with fresh asparagus, snow peas, and carrots in our house brown sauce.


China Penn's Mixed Grill Trio

Trio of filet steak, chicken and jumbo shrimp grilled in a chef's special teriyaki sauce with colorful vegetables.


Peking Duck

Tender duck with crispy brown barbecued skin, sliced and served with Chinese pancakes, and hearts of green scallions.


Shanghai Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp w. black mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and scallions sauteed  in our house special sauce.


Shrimp With Walnut

Crispy jumbo shrimp in a super and exciting sweet and pungent original sauce, topped with honey glazed walnuts garnished with steamed broccoli.


Pad Thai (Shrimp or Chicken)

Stir-fried rice noodles w. chicken or shrimp with tofu.  Thai besli, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, scallions, pepper and fish sauce.  (Please let us know if you prefer spicy.)


Jumbo Shrimp in Ginger & Scallion Sauce

Stir-fried jumbo shrimp in ginger and scallion sauce, accompanied with steamed broccoli.


Dragon And Phoenix

One side General Tso's chicken (white meat), the other side shrimp sauteed with mixed vegetable.


Prawns in Sweet Chili Sauce (Thai)

Jumbo shrimp with snow peas, red bell peppers, and asparagus in a sweet chili sauce.  Mildly spicy.  Chef highly recommends this dish!


Thai Spicy Shrimp (Thai)

Jumbo shrimp with vegetable sauteed in Thai style tangy spicy sauce.  Thai's famous dish.


Chicken In Sweet Chili Sauce (Thai)

Chicken with snow peas, red bell peppers, and asparagus in sweet chili sauce.  Mildly spicy.  Chef highly reccomended dish!


Thai Seafood Festival

The perfect balance of sweet, savory, and sake.  Our seafood festival's stew is full of jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, lobster tail, and crab.


Thai Basil And Chilies (Shrimp or Chicken)

Stir-fried chicken or shrimp with fresh basil leaves, red pepper, red onion, and fish sauce.


Satay Prawns

Jumbo shrimp with red chilies, spicy onions, lime leaves, and lemon grass sauteed in our Thai-style satay sauce.

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