Soup and Salad

Miso Soup $1.95
Garden Salad $3.25
Seaweed Salad $4.95
Avocado Salad $5.95
Seafood Hot & Sour Soup $3.95
Kani Salad $5.95


            -Steamed whole soybean



Agedashi Tofu

            -Crispy tofu with special sauce



Beef Nagimaki (6 pcs)

            -Sauteed slices of beef rolled over scallions with teriyaki sauce



Gyoza (6 pcs)

            -Pan served pork dumplings with special sauce



Tempura Soft Shell Crab

            -Fried soft shell crab with special sauce



Shrimp Tempura



Vegetable Tempura




            -Six pieces of steamed shrimp flavored dumplings



Sushi (5 pcs)



Yellow jalapeño



Sashimi (7 pcs)


Tuna & Salmon Sashimi



                           Sushi Entrees



Sushi (Regular)


7pieces of assorted Sushi and California Roll.


Sushi (Deluxe)


9 pieces of assorted Sushi and Tuna Roll.l


Sashimi (Deluxe)


16 pieces of assorted raw fish. No shell fish


Sushi and Sashimi Combo for 1


5 Pieces sushi, 10 pieces raw fish, and Spicy tuna roll.


Sushi and Sashimi Combo for 2


8Pieces sushi, 16pieces raw fish, and Spicy tuna roll And Dragon Roll.


Love Boat (for Two)


18pieces of Sashimi and 10 pieces of Sushi Prepared in a beautiful boat with Chef's s special sauce, Dragon Roll and Mini Volcano Roll.


Vegetable Sushi


8 pieces Vegetable sushi & Cucumber Roll.





   Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte



Amaebi Sweet Shrimp $6.00
Hirame Fluke $5.00
Hamachi Yellowtail $6.00
Hokkigai Surf Clam $5.00
Ika Squid $5.00
Mackerel Saba $5.00
Ikura Salmon Roe $5.00
Suzuki Striped Bass $5.00
Maguro Tuna $6.00
Fatty Tuna Toro Market Price
Scallop Hotate $6.00
Uni Sea Urchin $8.00
Tobiko Flying Fish Roe $6.00
Sake Salmon $5.00
Scallop Gonkan (Chopped) $6.00




Ebi Cooked Shrimp                                     $5.00
Inari Fried Bean Curd                                     $4.00
Kani Crab                                     $5.00
Shake - Kunse Smoked Salmon                                     $5.00
Tako Octopus                                     $5.00
Tamago Sweet Egg                                     $4.00

Ungai Eel


       Classic Roll & Hand Roll


Roll & Hand Roll           Raw           Price
Yellowtail Scallion Roll           X           $5.75
Salmon Roll           X           $5.00
Salmon Avocado Roll           X           $6.00
Salmon Cucumber Roll           X           $6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll           X           $6.00
Tuna Roll           X           $5.00
Tuna Cucumber Roll           X           $6.00
Tuna Avocado Roll           X           $6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll           X           $5.75
Rainbow Roll           X           $10.25
Crazy Couple Roll           X           $9.55
Alaskan Roll           X           $5.75
Futo Maki Roll           X           $8.95
Yasai Roll           X           $4.95



Roll & Hand Roll      Cooked                                                   Price
Asparagus Roll                                                   $4.00
Avocado Roll                                                   $4.00
Boston Roll                                                   $6.00
California Roll                                                   $4.95
Cucumber Roll                                                   $3.50
Crunchy Roll                                                   $4.95
Eel Avocado Roll                                                   $5.55
Eel Cucumber Roll                                                   $5.55
Sweet Potato Roll                                                   $4.25
Philadelphia Roll                                                   $5.55
Shrimp Tempura Roll                                                   $6.95
Spider Roll                                                   $9.25
Dragon Roll                                                   $9.95
Spicy Kani Roll                                                   $5.25
Oshinko Roll                                                   $3.25
Salmon Skin Roll                                                   $4.95
Yasai Roll                                                   $4.95
Futo Maki Roll                                                   $8.95
Dynamite Roll                                                   $8.95
Eel Roll                                                   $5.55


      Maki Combos Dinner


                         Two Rolls  12.00     

                 Three Rolls 17.00  

                 Four Rolls 21.00         

                  Served with Miso Soup or Green Salad.

                     Choose from list below for Roll Combos

Asparagus       White tuna           White tuna Avocado

Avocado          Salmon              Eel Cucumber

Alaskan         Salmon Cucumber     Spicy Kani

Boston          Salmon Avocado       Philadelphia

Yellowtail       Spicy Salmon         Spicy Tuna

California       Tuna                   Shrimp Tempura

Cucumber       Tuna Cucumber       Sweet Potato

Crunchy       Tuna Avocado         Red snapper  






*Consuming raw or undercooked meats,seafood,shell fish may increase your risk of food borne illness espeally if you have certain medical conditions.



Menu Prices Vary by Region

*Availability Subject to Change Without Notice


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