House Special Roll




Mango Delight Roll             14.95

Fresh salmon,cucumber ,snow crab,crunch inside topped

with fresh thinly sliced mango


Tiger Roll                             13.95

Salmon,tuna,topped w.salmon,tuna &eel,crunchy,masago &scallion,served w eel sauce


Spice Girl Roll                       12.95

Pepper tuna ,scallions avocado &masago topped w snow crab ,served with special sauce


Rocky Rolls                          12.95

Tow pieces of shrimp tempura,snowcrab,avocado ,

masago,seaweed powder wrapped in marble seaweed served with eel sauce.


Vegetable Delight Roll      11.00

Tempura sweet potato inside avocado ,cucumber ,yamagobe outside seaweed salad on the top.


Volcano Roll                       13.95

California roll with spicy tuna and spicy crab topped with masago,

crunchy and scallions seaweed outside served with spicy sauce


Cindy Roll                           15.95

Shrimp Tempura, mango,avocado in a pink soybean sheet seaweed

topped with snow crabmeat ,masago in chef's special sauce


Monster Roll                       12.95

Soft shell crab tempura ,avocado ,masago & eel w white seaweed .


Incredible Roll                    13.95

Spicy tuna ,avocado inside topped w.fresh tuna ,salmon ,white tuna ,red snapper lightly torched in spicy house sauce

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